Strategic Investments

Investors need to know that projects will come in on time and on budget. Reids’ Heritage Properties and its partner companies bring an unparalleled reputation for efficiency and expertise to our new ventures.

Our expertise is demonstrated in our development of dozens of successful ventures across a broad geographic area.

Reid’s Heritage Properties brings all of this experience, expertise and our reputation for excellence to this new opportunity for you as an investor.


Reid’s Heritage Properties’ projects offer a unique combination of high quality and superior efficiency. Our buildings have efficient footprints to ensure maximum occupancy with minimal property management costs. Our buildings are built for today with modern building systems, and modern, high grade finishes.

Our 30-plus years of experience in building communities – including multiple-unit projects, condominiums, and adult lifestyle apartments – means that we have industry-leading expertise in identifying the right opportunities and in creating the right buildings. For you, as an investor, this means we will ensure the highest financial efficiency, and the most favourable return on investment. Reid’s Heritage Properties welcomes the involvement of partners, at every stage of the creation of new rental facilities. Investment partners may include individual investors, institutional investors such as pension funds, REITs, and more.


Industry experts have declared that new apartment construction is the best real estate investment in the country. With interest rates at an all time low, investors are looking for investment-grade apartments. Reid’s Heritage Properties has created the ideal solution to your investment needs – leading the industry in building modern, highly desirable, investment-grade apartments, the right answer in your search for a stable investment with good return. The growing need for rental housing dictates that positive returns on new investment-grade rental housing is not dependent on economic cycles.

Reid’s Heritage Properties offers investment opportunities built on a strong foundation, timed perfectly for today’s market, and leveraging experience, expertise and excellence developed over 30 years of success in the building and development field. We offer you the opportunity to leverage what we bring to the table, for maximum return on investment.


Investors are seeking this kind of opportunity – the chance to partner with a company that has expertise, experience and a hard-earned reputation for excellence, and the opportunity to invest in an enterprise that is setting the standard in a growth industry.

At Reid’s Heritage Properties, we are the investment opportunity you have been looking for. For more information, contact Scott Reid.