RHP In The Community

This year Reid’s Heritage Properties has been working alongside Lakeside HOPE House in a small way to aid and give support to the Guelph community.   Based in downtown Guelph, HOPE House operates and advocates on the belief that poverty, food insecurity, inequality, health, and community are all interconnected. 

Their aim is to provide immediate relief, ongoing support and various community projects.  R.H.P. has been involved directly with the “Community Backpack Project”, which helps children go to school feeling confident they have all the supplies they need.  R.H.P has also helped to facilitate the “Affordable Christmas Market”, which enables registered families to buy Christmas gifts at a reduced cost.

On February 20th, the RHP Team participated in the annual “Coldest Night of the Year” charity walk, organised by Hope House in Guelph. The RHP Team raised over $2,300 in sponsorship. The walk is organized to raise money for charities serving people experiencing homelessness.


About Hope House

Mission Statement

“Provide tangible, compassionate assistance and care to those in the Guelph community and abroad through immediate relief and ongoing support with the goal of a greater level of independence”.

Core Values

  • Dignity – We believe every person matters.
  • Advocacy – We advocate with and amplify the voices of people living in poverty.
  • Belonging – We offer a community that welcomes and encourages people where they can receive immediate relief and ongoing support.

What They Do

  • Immediate Relief
  • Ongoing Support
  • Community Projects

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